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jump higher for volleyball


Today’s post will address something that I, as a Volleyball Conditioning Coach, work with almost every day of the week – specific training to jump higher for volleyball. As discussed in a previous post, the importance to jump higher for volleyball goes beyond being able to effectively block a smash. Having a high vertical jump is integral to several abilities that make an all-around solid volleyball player. As much as a great vertical jump is valuable to athletes in basketball, football and track and field, the skill of a stationary or forward facing high jump is most helpful for volleyball players.


An athlete who wants to jump higher for volleyball should know that his or her jumping ability could only be improved by a combination of exercises and drills that should be included in a highly specific vertical jump training program. This combination should be able to enhance the physical make-up of the athlete, as well as his or her technique when performing jumps. Thus, those who want to improve the success of their vertical jump should be prepared to improve on both technique AND their physical condition.


One of the most popular category of exercises for athletes to jump higher for volleyball is plyometric exercises – and with good reason! These exercises have been proven to increase a person’s explosive speed and strength, as well as reduce reaction time. Volleyball plyometric exercises benefits a player in the sense that he or she would be able to move faster around the court and jump higher when in situations around the net.  


Coaching Tip: A volleyball player’s vertical jump should be developed in the pre-season, at least two months before a volleyball season begins.    


A typical lower body plyometric session on court, when included in a program to jump higher for volleyball, should look something like this:

    • 15 minutes of a jump-specific warm up
    • 3 x 5 knee tuck jumps
    • 15 mountain climbers
    • 15 x 1 set and smash drills
    • 3 x 8 deep back squats
    • 3 x 5 squat jacks
    • 15 burpees
    • 3 x 5 counter movement jumps
    • 3 x 5 agility dots
    • 10 minutes of a jump-specific cool down


Now, I’d simply like to show you some drills that can be included to jump higher for volleyball, even during the volleyball season. These exercises aim to condition the body as well as help in increasing one’s vertical jump. Particularly within 2 days of game day, these exercises to jump higher for volleyball should be done in moderation so as not to strain the body otherwise it could result in injury:  

Coaching Tip: Be sure to monitor the physiological and psychological aspects of all of your athletes!


Specific Exercises to Jump Higher for Volleyball


Jump boxes

This exercise can be done with just a bench or a high sidewalk. The starting position involves the person standing, facing the elevated platform. Then, he or she jumps with both feet, landing balanced on the elevated surface. It is important for the person doing it to use as much power when jumping above the elevated surface. As the height of the elevated surface is being mastered, the athlete can move on to a higher surface. One set of 4-6 can be done before graduating to a higher surface, where one set of 4-6 can be done again before moving on to an even higher surface. An easy exercise to access!  


Jump shrugs

Grabbing on to two weights of up to 20 lbs on both hands, the player has to stand with feet apart, measuring the length of his or her shoulder. With the hands on both sides, jump up while shrugging both shoulders. The landing should be balanced, returning to the starting position. This exercise to jump higher for volleyball should be performed with three sets of 6-8 reps.  


Jump rope

This exercise to jump higher for volleyball can also be done as cardio exercise. For thirty seconds, the player should do as many and as quick as possible.  While doing this, the player should be aware of each jump and strive to use as much power in each jump as possible. When advanced, double-unders can be performed.  


How to squeeze out those few extra inches to jump higher for volleyball!jump higher for volleyball 2


It’s important to remember that players who want to jump higher for volleyball should take measurements before starting a program. The measurements to be taken specifically for volleyball players should include sit and reach, vertical jump test and an short agility test. These measurements could then be compared to measurements taken after a 6-8 week training program with the goal to jump higher for volleyball.  

Finally, in order to jump higher for volleyball, one should hone the techniques necessary to perfect the stages of jumping, namely the approach, the actual jump, and landing.  

For help with this last point, specifically jumping technique improvement to jump higher for volleyball, please email one of our highly experienced and qualified coaches at coach@jumphigherscience.com! If you want to jump higher for volleyball or any other sport, follow the science!  


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Happy Jumping!

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