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- The most sophisticated and holistic jump-training system online. 

 Add OVER 6 inches to your vertical jump in 6 weeks, GUARANTEED!



Are you frustrated because you haven’t got the Michael Jordan genes to jump higher than the opposition? To soar above the rest?

Or are you frustrated with the make-shift training programs on the web that only CLAIM to show you how to jump higher?

Imagine what your teammates, coaches, scouts and spectators would think of you if you stood out as the highest jumper and the most powerful athlete on the court or field. 

The Jump Higher Science (JHS) programs and support system will show you how to jump higher, achieving dramatic results with less than two hours of intense training per week, tailored to you!

Let’s face it… the majority of jump training programs out there are based on one trainer’s training philosophies and beliefs about a certain training modality and just a few exercises they personally like. 

Vertical Jump Training Journal


The Jump Higher Science programs are based around the facts and science backed by American and Australian Sports Science Journals. So you can be sure it’s the industry showing you how to jump higher, not ONE trainer.



What’s On Offer?


    • Personalised and holistic Jump Higher Science Training Programso you get a jump program that is tailored to YOUR training level and YOUR individual needs.
    • Sports Specificity – We show you how to jump higher in YOUR sport!. Your training plan is designed to achieve significant results, whether you’re competing in Basketball, Volleyball, Football, High Jump, Rugby League, Gymnastics or Long Jump, the Jump Higher Science program can help you excel by training specific movement patterns.
    • Periodised plan to progress every trainee from the complete beginner to the professional athlete. You’re shown how to jump higher using a modern design in progressive overloading.
    • Comprehensive monitoring system, including workout charts so you can track your progress and you won’t miss a beat. This includes Graphs to track jumping progress and JHS spread sheets to allow you to record what you achieved in your weekly training cycles. Simply enter the results achieved and out spits a visual representation of your current progress!
    • Option to train without any fancy equipment so you can train in the convenience of your own home!  SAVE MONEY AND TIME! Better yet, TRAIN WHILE YOU TRAVEL!
    • Advanced Video Coaching & Demonstrations so you have an expert show you not only the biomechanical techniques of how to jump higher, but how to perform every exercise, stretch or routine. This will help you get the most out of your training time!
    • Free online coaching for the first month You get direct, personal access and coaching from the Jump Training Expert.  Your questions will be answered at unbelievably low costs! Normally, I charge my clients $140/hour for one-on-one, specialised coaching.
    • Recovery Plans - So you can train harder, more often, and are less likely to experience Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, or DOMS.
    • Free access to the jump training forum Share your ideas and stories, and learn from others who are in your shoes.
    • Training vocabulary glossary don’t know the meaning of a technical term? Now you will.
    • Continual updatesso you have access to the latest research as it arrives delivered for FREE, on your doorstep!



jump higher program


Is the Jump Higher Science

Training Program for me?


      • I’m over 40. Am I too old for this program? I have trained many people over 40, exhibiting great results from power training.I am currently training a 47 year old who has increased his vertical jump by a staggering 140%! If you have any current injuries or conditions, these will be addressed and I would not tell you to do anything I didn’t think you could do! Nowadays, I have senior athletes asking me how to jump higher!
      • Isn’t it too expensive? A one-on-one session from a strength and conditioning coach ranges between $100 and $200. That’s only for one hour. This tailored product is offered for a lifetime at $59.95.
      • I am a complete beginner, with no training background. Will it work for me? There are various programs depending on your fitness level and these can be tweaked further to cater for your sport and for your specific needs.
      • Is the program suitable for someone under the age of 16? There is an abundance of evidence out there to show that when performed correctly with guidance from a qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach, resistance training is a safe and effective mode of exercise for children and adolescents, particularly body weight exercises (the predominant mode of training in our youth program). What is more important than the child’s chronological age is their training age. I haveshown many children between the ages of 10 and 16 how to jump higher through the JumpHigher training system, and they have shown superiority amongst their competitors in their sport in strength, power, balance, kinaesthetic awareness and injury prevention. I take youth strength and power development VERY seriously.
      • I have been power training for years, so I don’t think I’ll benefit from the program. The JHS system is a holistic program based on the latest research in Sports Science. With one eye on stimulating your muscle fibers and nervous system differently throughout each phase, the program is designed to avoid the plateau effect.
      • I don’t have time to train outside of my sport and other commitments. That’s the beauty of the tailored system – the program can be integrated into your current plan. To add to that, it is based on a minimalist approach, so you do enough to “flick the switch” and get out. 
      • I have an injury at the moment, so I won’t get any benefit out of it. Start educating and developing yourself on how to jump higher now, so you waste no time training to become the aerial master in your sport.
      • My genes are not ideal for power training. I, personally, have what is commonly referred to in the Sports Science world as the ‘wimp gene’ – a predisposition to endurance sport, not power sports. If I can do it, anyone can!
      • I am worried I will bring on injuries with this sort of training. The program provides additional prehabilitation (injury prevention) and recovery sessions to not only minimise the injury risk during training and competition, but to recover faster so you can train harder, learning how to jump higher than the competition, FASTER!





My Ironclad Six-Inches-Higher-In-42-Days or Your Money Back Guarantee!

 How I can I offer this? I know this program works.

 This really is the dream scenario for you… you achieve your vertical jump goals, or you get your money back. There is NO RISK!

 As long as you can give me your word that you gave it your all and did everything I asked of you, and you still did not achieve a 6-inch increase in 42 days, I will happily give you 100% of your money back! Simply send me an email using the email provided. I will personally do everything I can to show you how to jump higher.

 There are no more excuses. Now is the time to take action! 





 Sean Law,  BHM,  BMgmt(Sports),  BTchg(Phys Ed)  

  Strength and Conditioning Coach

  Certified Personal Trainer




So by now you’re probably wondering ‘how much?’… and even though we have had numerous customers tell us they would have happily paid double what they did, we’ve maintained the fair price of $150 for the premium package. BUT for a limited time , we’re offering it for just $59.95!

Although this may seem like a bit of an investment today, imagine the difference this will create to your game! How much is a significantly greater amount of power worth to you? How much is your fitness and wellbeing worth to you?

Here’s why this deal simply cannot be missed…

Personalised and holistic JHS Training Program = $140 value

Advanced Video Coaching & Demonstrations (How to Jump Higher) = $120 value

Access to Exclusive Training Forum = $10/month for future members




If we were ultra conservative and estimated 2 hours of my time in the first month, that’s $280 in personal coaching, showing you how to jump higher ONE-ON-ONE… FREE!

This brings the total value of this program to $550!


Now eventually this comprehensive, custom training system will be priced at $150, but as my online program is relatively new I am offering a massive 60% discount for just 1 week  under one condition… once you have used my program and seen the vertical jump results, you will let me use your testimonial on my website. Who knows… you might even be coaching people, yourself, on how to jump higher by that stage!


Yours Free


If you act fast enough, you will also get:


    • A biomechanical analysis of your jumping style – the true technique on how to jump higher. Following this I have seen some of my clients gain an immediate 4 inches on their Vertical Jump! (Total Value: $95)
    • A highly advanced, Prehabilitation add-on program – so you can minimise your injury risk during training AND competition (Total Value: $80)
    • eBook: Sports Nutrition Secrets Uncovered – Learn exactly what Sports Nutrition is and how it can help you! (Total Value: $12.95)Jump Training Nutrition ebook
    • eBook: Jump Higher  Hints and tips on how to jump higher than the competition! (Total Value: $7.95)

    How to Jump Higher eBook2









So with all of the bonuses I’m including with the premium package, that’s a total value of $745.90  for a small, one time investment of only $59.95. Just to reiterate… You can gain the powerful knowledge of how to jump higher for just $59.95, for a limited time!

However, I can’t stress this enough… we are only taking on the first 99 TRAINEES. Many more, and we won’t be able to spend the necessary time in helping each individual reach their vertical jump goals and how to jump higher than the competition! So please, get in quick! Gain a competitive advantage!

And ultimately, you have NOTHING to lose because if for any reason you are unhappy with my product, simply let me know and we will refund the entire purchase price!


So, if you’re ready to start your journey in becoming a high flyer and gravity defyer, click the order link below. Learn how to jump higher than most professional basketballers!

jump higher program



Are you going to be that person with the weaknesses that stands out like a sore thumb? Are you going to be the inferior athlete out there? Or are you going to give yourself the best chance to reach your athletic goals?


Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity:  “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


Make your actions count!


Your Friend and Coach,







Sean Law, BHM, BMgmt(Sports), BTchg(Phys Ed)

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Certified Personal Trainer

The “How to Jump Higher Guru”